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Secluded Luxury House Sporting an Open Design

This exclusive house has been designed with privacy as the key priority. Despite its close proximity to its neighbours it exudes an air of secluded tranquility, utilising its internal simplicity and openness of the floor plan.

The house has been renovated, altering the residence, which was originally built in 1928. This renovation has taken painstaking attention to maintaining the unique stone cottage aesthetic while bringing it into the present. The residence boasts generous living areas, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a pool and spa.

The use of full height windows allow the space to be open and lighter drawing the garden indoors, however the placement of these openings had to be carefully thought out in order to avoid compromising the retreat atmosphere which pervades the entire abode.

The stunning sweeping views juxtapose the general impression of the house’s private and sheltered nature. This is evident in other areas such as the open fireplace and the living areas being open plan.

Despite privacy being one of the main priorities of the residence it also manages to encompass open living areas. The use of natural materials greatly enhances the rustic heredity of the house. The clean simplicity of the design and use of finishes make it a contemporary triumph.


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